I survived!

I survived!

I survived the field trip. More importantly, my foot survived. It was a looonnng day, but I did enjoy going. It made it all worth while to hear how happy it made Kidlet Sr. that I went with him. He even wanted me to sit with him on the bus ride home. (And while we are talking about this, can I just say that combining 30 fourth graders with a 95 degree day with hiking outside with everyone in jeans with a closed up bus…well, you are just asking to asphyxiate from the smell! Deodorant would be a good idea at this age, just an FYI.)

My group got Ms. I-Take-My-Job-Way-Too-Seriously-To-Make-It-Fun. Of course, I am a smart ass who has no problem making comments, but does have a bit of a problem with authority. I was “volunteered” to be the parent in the back to make sure the kids stay together. Good thing. That way only my kid and those kids who know me well got to hear me. (They even got in trouble once for laughing when she was talking. I tried to take the blame, but Ms. Too-Serious hushed me.)

My foot is pounding now. I am pretty sure that I won’t be walking tomorrow. But you know what? It was worth it all because when we got back to the school, Kidlet Sr. gave me a big hug and said, “Thanks for going, Mom. It’s so cool that you do things like this with me. Some moms don’t. I’m lucky.” (Can I just say I did melt right then and there!)


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