It has begun

It has begun

Have you noticed that you haven’t read anything here about sports? Okay, well, to clarify…anything about professional sports (Yes, we all know you hear more about the Kidlets’ soccer than you probably want to.) Why do you think that is?

Is it because I don’t watch NFL football? Heck no! I love my Sunday football. (Sidenote: There was this completely blissful time in my marriage when I loved football and my Geek Man didn’t. So while I was watching my Sunday football and screaming at the screen, he would be in the kitchen usually making the most incredible meal I could imagine. This man could SO become a professional chef. He owns the kitchen when he is in there. I call him the MacGuyver of kitchens. Give him 3 ingredients and a way to heat it and you will get back a gourmet meal. But I am off track here. What I was saying is that during this time, I was the one on the couch drinking the beer with my feet up with the delectable aroma of a gourmet meal drifting in from the kitchen. I had it all. Then my Geek Man got as obsessed with football as I was. Thankyouverymuch damn fantasy football league that possessed his brain. But for a while, I had the good life.) I follow the Cowboys, the Texans, and well…any game that is on.

I love my college football, too. Even if it has been a while since we have rocked our conference, I still love my Aggies. WHoooop! (Yes, I did go to Texas A&M and yes, I do bleed maroon.)

I watch basketball and soccer too. (Breaks my heart that the US Women’s team lost to Germany in the World Cup semi finals. Great game, though.) Baseball? I like going to a game. TV watching? Not so much.

So why, you may ask, if I am so into sports, have you not heard me talk about it? It’s simple. My passion. My obsession. My bliss in the form of a sport is…

…Hockey. Ohhhh how I love my hockey! (Later, I will tell you all about how I actually scheduled the birth of my daughter around the hockey schedule so I wouldn’t miss a game due to some peskly labor and delivery going on.) My dream…to sit right at the glass at a Stanley Cup game. (Heck, I’d settle for sitting there for any game, if you want the truth.) Why tell you that now? Because our regular season started last night. Oh yeah, baby…hockey is back and mama is obsessed.

And, yes, the Stars won! 4-1. Way to go, guys. (I won’t get into the whole mess of how I miss Hatcher and Hull and all of the guys who made me fall in love with the game. We’ll save that for later.) For now, I just wanted to give you fair warning. Hockey season is on. The puck has been dropped. You will hear about it. I will write about it. This is just how it is.

Go Stars!


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