Like Minds?

Like Minds?

Do you ever wonder if your mind works like everybody else’s? I mean, sure the basics are probably the same. But what about the thought processes. Does the way you reason things out bear any resemblance to the way anyone else does?

So, we are told (“we” being the band of misfits known as addicts) pretty much as soon as we get clean and sober that our minds work differently than a normal person’s (a normie’s) mind. [Gee, ya think?] We’re told that situations that other people can go through with ease can be trigger situations for us. Personally, I think that is a load of crap.

I mean we all deal with tough things (stress, tragedy, anger) in different ways. Some people exercise (I don’t know any, but I hear they exist.) Some people clean. (Wish they would come here.) Some people use pills or booze. (Been there, done that. Puked on the t-shirt.) The thing is, we are all weird. My weird may be your normal. And trust me, usually my normal is your weird.

Okay, try this sometime. Clear your brain as best you can. Try really hard to just calm your thoughts and be still. Be in a completely silent place where there are no distractions. Now, what does your mind do? Where did it go? Mine usually takes a trip through jingle-land and comes up with some doozies like “I am stuck on Band-Aid, cause Band- Aid’s stuck on me.” Bet no one else’s mind had that pop up. See. The point is, none of our minds work in the same way. There is no normal. There is definitely crazy, however. But, that is an entirely different topic all together.

I admit there are times when I wish I could be in someone else’s mind just for a while to see how they think. I know that there are many times that something that seems totally logical and reasonable to me, can make my husband just scratch his head in wonderment. (The opposite is true, too.) I think I would hop into the mind of an organized, logical person first. Now there is a thought process that is totally foreign to me. Nah. It would probably scare me too much.

So I suppose I will just go on thinking like I do, reacting like I do and processing things like I do. Because I can. And even on those days when I know my mind doesn’t work like “everyone else’s”, I can rest assured that everyone else’s mind doesn’t work like anyone else’s either. (Did you follow that? It doesn’t matter if you didn’t. Your mind doesn’t work like mine.)


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