Making me smile today…

Making me smile today…

Things that made me smile today:

Little Diva waking up and (in her adorable sleepy little voice) saying, “I love you, Mommy” when she first saw me.

Kidlet Jr. telling me that he was going to sing at the top of his lungs on the way to school because it would let everyone know that he was happy today. (And he did sing all the way to school, much to the dismay of his older brother.)

Kidlet Sr. saying he thought it was cool that I was going on his field trip with him this week. (And that it made him happy that the other kids were glad, too.)

When I woke up with a headache (that part wasn’t good) but then got to crawl back into bed for 2 hours after the boys went to school.

When Kidlet Sr. was saying his prayers and said, “…And I am thankful that my mommy isn’t normal like the other mommies…but in a really good way.” (Okay, that one made me more than smile. I laughed right out loud.)

When I checked the mail and there were no bills in it!

When Kidlet Jr. said even though he didn’t like going to bed because all of the fun stopped, it was still his favorite part of the day because I laid down and snuggled with him.

When Little Diva fell asleep in my arms.

And now…knowing I am about to crawl into my cozy bed with a good book and read until my eyes get heavy and the words start to blur and I then get to snuggle with my favorite geek and dream the night away of Kidlets who love their weird mom.


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