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Month: October 2003

Diet Schmiet

Diet Schmiet

I usually don’t get into talk about weight loss, diets and fitness. Pretty much because for each person you talk to, you will probably get a different way of thinking about those topics. You have those loyal to one particular “diet” and swear that it is the best way. Then you get another one who found a new way of eating that has “made all the difference in the world”. There are those who say work out 45 minutes a day every other day to get fit and those who say 15 minutes everyday is the way to go. There are your low carbers, your low fats, your points people and your drink-your-meals folks. For all of those, you can find many people who swear it is the way to go. Then of course, you have the fad dieters. We won’t even go there.

See, so many ways to get the body you want. So many ways to reach the ultimate body type that you so badly crave. I’ve been there and done that.

After Kidlet Jr was born, I was…shall we say…very fluffy and cushioned. And so very unhappy. I took a rather unhealthy route to getting thin. And it worked. I lost A LOT of weight and looked and felt fabulous. And I kept it off, too. For a few years, I felt good in my own skin. Then I got pregnant with The Little Diva. After she was born, my body once again changed. Not back like it was at my darkest, heavy time. But enough to no longer feel comfortable in my own skin again. So, I decided to fix that and do something about it. Get toned up. Lose the pounds that never left after my pregnancy.

They (don’t you just love the universal ‘they’?) say get a partner. That helps. I chose my husband. Good idea? For him, sure. He has lost weight, toned up and looks and feels great. I am thrilled for him. I on the other hand didn’t stick to the plan like he did and am stuck back where I was.

So here I am with a very hot husband feeling so bad in my own skin (worse in fact than I did before I decided I wanted to tone up) that I have pulled away from him. I am not thinking this is the way I wanted all of this to go down.

Now, I am back on track to do this. For me. Doing it for anyone else sucks and won’t work. Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t like I have tons of weight to lose will use old clothes as new circus tents. That honestly has nothing to do with it. I am ready to feel good in my own skin again. I want to look at me and not turn away unhappy.

And before you say it, I will. I know that most of that comes from within. I know. I have to work on the inside with the outside. I know. Just saying that I need to do more to work on the outside.

So here is my question to you: What have you found that helps motivate you? Where does your inspiration come from? I know that Joelle and Kathy have set up a new great site called Put Down the Donut. That one is really good, by the way, if you haven’t seen it, go check it out. So far, I have agreed with all of their reviews. So, for me, they are right on track with my tastes.

Anyway, I guess since I share everything with you, I thought I would share this new battle with you as well. The battle to get fit, lose weight and find peace in the skin I live in. (Too much info? Sorry. Don’t you just love the drama I can bring? It is never ending. Your own what-new-level-of-Jenn-will-we-see-today drama.)

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Have you seen them?

Have you seen them?

We interrupt this blog to bring you an important news bulletin:

Missing! My-Will-To-Do-Anything-Productive.

Upon waking this morning I found that My-Will-To-Do-Anything-Productive has vanished. It was last seen late last night as I made a long to-do list for today. A frequent companion of My-Will-To-Do-Anything-Productive is Energy. She too is missing. No note of explanation has been found. Although, evidence of their disappearance is too easily noted by the condition they left the house. It is appararent to all who enter, that we are indeed saddened over the disappearance of My-Will-To-Do-Anything-Productive. If Energy had not been a constant companion to her, perhaps the situation would not be so dire. However, with both of them missing, the situation looks bleak.

If you have seen My-Will-To-Do-Anything-Productive, please contact me immediately. Leave a message when you call, though, because chance are in the absence of My-Will-To-Do-Anything-Productive and Energy, I will probably be napping. A reward might be offered, but since Apathy has come to give me comfort, I just don’t care enough to figure that one out.

So, please, if you have seen or have any information about My-Will-To-Do-Anything-Productive and my Energy, let me know. I am not sure how much longer we can remain strong without them.

(Although Apathy says she doesn’t care if you call or not.)

Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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Red Ribbon Ramblings

Red Ribbon Ramblings

The kidlets’ school has started Red Ribbon Week. They had a great stunt bike team come out and perform for them. They loved it! Of course, with my daredevil kidlets, I was relieved to hear them say more than once “not to try this at home”. I can just see Kidlet Sr. trying it just to see if he can do it. *shudder* They were great fun to watch, though.

Both kids will come home this week with tons of questions and information about drugs and alcohol and the dangers of them. Oh, how I hope they can stand strong against them when push comes to shove. (But don’t all of us parents pray for that?)

It caused me to start thinking about how much information they need ro know about my addiction. As of now, they don’t know about it. Oh sure, they know about the time when Mom wasn’t the way she is now. They don’t know why. And sure, they remember when I went to “meetings”, but they don’t know what the meetings were for. (As many PTA meetings as I go to now, they probably think that everyone goes to some meeting or another all the time.) Neither one of them has put it together. (As far as I know.)

I just want them to know that they are at a higher risk. At least, if what they (they being the “experts” on addiction) say about it possibly being genetic or that some people can be predisposed to addictions. All that crap that makes me stop and really and wonder just what is true about addictions. And if I tell them, when? How old should they be?

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problems telling you. You have nothing to lose knowing this. They can lose the vision of who their mommy is (how they see me). I don’t want to mess that up. I don’t think now is the time to talk to them about it. But when is a good time?

I don’t think I am really asking you about this. Okay, maybe I am. I don’t know. It just really got me thinking about it.

As long as they don’t start up a “Pledge to Be Sex Free” week and I have to start answering questions about that, I will be fine. Although I am thinking of sticking with the answer of “You may never have sex until you are married and you are ready to procreate, and then just that one time.” Do you think that will work?

No, I don’t either.

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Top Ten

Top Ten

The top ten things I learned while driving in the car with 3 kids and 1 husband in the rain in a small car for 6 hours:

1) You really shouldn’t drink 2 cups of coffee and a diet coke before leaving on said road trip and then expect not to have to stop. Also, you should expect at least one eyeroll from another person at the mention of the necessary stop.

2) If you make a stuffed monkey dance and act crazy for the Little Diva, you must remember that your car windows are not shields from the outside world and passing motorists will see you and nearly wreck their car/truck/SUV laughing. (Sidenote: Truckers will honk. Be ready for it.)

3) Don’t play “Guess what object I am thinking of” with your husband and kids after being in the car for over 4 hours when you are aware that you are in a giddy, smart-ass mood. Some of your answers may not be appropriate for childrens’ ears.

4) Suggesting the quiet game to the kids and then saying that you just know they will never be able to do it better than you will buy you at least 10 minutes of silence to read your book. (Sidenote: Offering a second chance to the first one to talk may enable you to extend the time ever further!)

5) Do not use the words food, hungry, snack or drinks in any sentence unless you are prepared to stop at the next gas station and buy said food, snacks or drinks for the now hungry kids whining in the back seat.

6) IF the kidets in the back seat have been quiet long enough for you to momentarily forget they are there, do not jokingly ask your spouse if you should flash the truckers in a moment of sheer boredom. Trust me. It brings up too many questions that you may not feel like answering.

7) After 793 times of hearing “How much longer” it is perfectly acceptable to just say “2 hours” or “100 miles” no matter how far away you may be. It is easy and they accept it. At first. After that, they just roll their eyes at you. Which is fine. It just means that they are as irritated with you as you are with them. There is balance now.

8) I am a terrible passenger. Terrible.

9) Did I mention that I am a bad passenger?

10) There is no place like home.

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Howdy from H-Town!

Howdy from H-Town!

Just wanted to say howdy from Houston. I left before I was able to set up any guest bloggers (read: figure out how and contact them). So, I figured I would just pop on really fast and say hi myself. Thank you so much to those who offered to help. Were it not for my blonde moments, I would have you set up now. Does your offer come with a raincheck?

Hey, H-town bloggers who read this…I’m leaving tomorrow, but it is never too late to meet for coffee then. Email me! If we miss each other, I will be back in a few weeks. How about a Tiara Happy Hour then. I would love that! Sorry I missed you this time. I’m bummed.

Gotta go to bed. This dial up connection is the pits. I miss you all. I miss my blog reading. (I miss my own bed!)

Have a great weekend!

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Sister’s secret

Sister’s secret

Can you keep a secret? You can? Okay.

Come closer.


My sister (The pregnant one. Oh wait…my only one) had a sonogram this week. She knows what she is having. (Well, we knew she was having a baby. That part we were very relieved about. What I was talking about is that she found out the sex of her baby.)

Want to know? Promise not to tell anyone?

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