Parent/Teacher conference

Parent/Teacher conference

I am about to go to Kidlet Jr’s parent/teacher conference. We all know how much I love those! (This time I am bringing my own coffee and sitting in the big chair!) I have known his teacher for 4 years. I adore her! She tells it like it is but in a good way. I trust her completely. She was Kidlet Sr’s teacher, too. (I worried about that at first. My boys could not be any more different from each other if they tried. I was worried there would be comparisons. Kidlet Sr. is a definite teacher’s pet. Kidlet Jr. is definitely an “entertainer”. But they both do well in school. Anyway…..)

I saw her at the school yesterday while I was giving my blood time to the PTA. She mentioned Kidlet Jr. and said. “Oh yes. We were just in the teachers’ lounge laughing at some of the things he says.”


Did he tell her what I think he told her? Nah. I am sure that would’ve gotten him a phone call. Wish me luck. You never know what “entertaining” things can come out at a parent teacher conference.


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