Sister’s secret

Sister’s secret

Can you keep a secret? You can? Okay.

Come closer.


My sister (The pregnant one. Oh wait…my only one) had a sonogram this week. She knows what she is having. (Well, we knew she was having a baby. That part we were very relieved about. What I was talking about is that she found out the sex of her baby.)

Want to know? Promise not to tell anyone?

It’s a BOY!

I am so excited for her. She has a boy already. A funny one, I might add. I think it is great that she is going to have another boy. Brothers are great! I can’t imagine my kidlets’ lives if they didn’t have each other. Like I said…brothers are great.

So, lets all think positive thoughts for my new nephew. Only four and a half months left until I get to hold him!

Oh, and if anyone asks, I didn’t tell you that it was a boy, okay?


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