The day my what did what?

The day my what did what?

Kidlet Jr got a new book last night. He picked it out himself. Bought it with his own money. It was what he wanted to spend his money on. Want to know what he got? The Day My Butt Went Psycho. Yes, this is a real book.

This is the warning in the front of the book:
If you are a parent or a teacher or even if you’re just over eighteen, put this book down now! You won’t like it. You won’t understand it. You will be totally grossed out by it. It goes on for 3 more paragraphs.

It has some pretty great reader reviews on Amazon, too. What you have to know is that Kidlet Jr. hated to read. He thought it was silly and boring. He thought there was nothing about reading that he would ever find fun. Then he met Captain Underpants. I knew once he changed my name to Poopsie Pizzatush that I had created not only a reader but a reader who enjoys getting others interested in his books. (Okay, so the potty humor helped a LOT!)

I’ll let you know how the new book is. I plan on reading it this weekend. So if I come back talking about butts and farts and other such potty humor, it isn’t my fault! I swear! Blame it on Lumpy Pizzatush! It was his fault!

UPDATE: Okay, so I just went to Andy Griffiths’ website. Oh, the plethora of fun, potty humorish things to see. (You gotta try the Move Your Butt game. Sort of like Frogger, but with butts.)

Okay, I really need to go now. I think I set a record for the most times butt has been used in a blog entry. I need to go read something more age appropriate for a while.


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