Updates and such

Updates and such

This entry is more about random updates from other entries. Feel free to nod off if you want to. I won’t be hurt. Not too much. But just be sure to blame it on the NyQuil, okay?

Well, it looks like I won’t be going to the zoo tomorrow anyway. I just didn’t feel right having someone else watch the girls after talking to the other mom. However, it worked out for the best. It turns out that if I did go, they would’ve been over their limit by one adult. Apparently, they had to add one aid for the deaf ed kids, so that caused them to reach their max in adults. So, everyone is happy and Kidlet Jr. has no idea I almost went. It all works out!

So, I am guessing that tomorrow is my last “non-novel” writing day for a month. There are times I am shocked that I have committed to this and other days where I am very passive about the whole idea. You know what surprised me the most? How supportive and excited my Geek-Man is about it. I told him and he thought it was an awesome idea. Now that is worth everything to me! So, now that I have the support, the motivation and have declared to you all that I am doing this, I guess that I really am doing this. How incredible I feel about it all. I mean, writing a novel? Even if it is crap, it is something I have wanted to do forever. And now I am going to do it. I am still sitting on the fence about whether or not I am going to post exerpts or just wait or what. My honest feeling is that I don’t think that anyone would really want to read it. I am doing this mainly to challenge myself and prove that I can. Are you planning on reading what people are writing if they share it? Would you read bits and pieces (or heaven-forbid) the whole thing if I posted it?

And just because you stuck with me for this boring post, I have this funny to add for you. I got it in an email and thought it was great. Hey ladies, are you with me??


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