Hi. My name is Jenn and I am a volunteer-aholic.

(Is there a 12 step program for this?)

I sometimes feel like that old joke. You know the one where everyone is standing in a line and the person in charge says, “Everyone who wants to volunteer take one step forward.” And then everyone else takes one step back so that there is just one sucker looking like he took that “one step forward”. You know that one? Yeah, well, I am that sucker I think.

Let’s just take a look here:

I am the team manager for Kidlet Jr’s soccer team.
I am the “oh no we need some help this week” manager for Kidlet Sr’s soccer team.
I am on the executive board for the boys’ school’s PTA.
I am also the chairman of two other committees for the PTA.
I am on the volunteer in a pinch list (for those times when someone doesn’t show up.)
I am on the committee to put together the weekly newsletter that goes out to all of the students.
I sign songs in church when they want/need it for some reason.

Today, the sign language choir leader at the school was in the workroom talking about how many kids there were this year and how overwhelming it was. Before I knew it I was asking if she needed any help and that I would be more than willing to help since I am somewhat fluent in ASL. I stood there as the words came out of my mouth and in an almost slow motion, cartoon bubble way. I could almost see them hanging in there air. My brain is screaming “WHO JUST SAID THAT? QUIT TALKING. NOW!” Too late. As my brain and my mouth catch up to each other, it is just too late. I have in my hands the schedule and 10 cassettes to record the song they are working on this week. This time, though, I did tell her I couldn’t commit to every week. Not right now. Of course, as I am saying that, I am thinking “Oh sure, I can do that. I love doing that. Not everyone knows sign language. They need someone who does.” Luckily, Little Diva pulled my shirt and said, “Mommy…wanna go home now. Mommy is tired.” (Notice, she said “Mommy tired”. Not that she was tired. Smart kiddo.)

Hmmm, wonder why Mommy is tired, sweetie? Could it be that whereas your vocabulary has suddenly embraced the word no, mine has somehow deleted it from my memory. Nah, that couldn’t be it.

You do know that this means, though, don’t you? I am committed. I am being counted on. I have so many things to do and am finally active and feeling “a part of”. Know what that means? It means we will end up moving and uprooting. It never fails. But if that means a job, yank up my roots baby and send me on my way!


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