An ending

An ending

My sister went back home. She drove off in her truck loaded down. With my crib, my cradle, all of my newborn baby clothes, baby toys and various baby paraphernalia.

I cried.

I cried because she not only drove off with my best friend, but because she drove off with my past.

I cried as she pulled away with all that symbolized my babies. It was a finality that I truly was finished with my reproduction phase in life. It isn’t that I want more children. I am so happy with the three I have. I think my family is perfect as it is. So, it isn’t that I want more babies.

It is that I now know that I am finished. The one thing in my life that made me feel more powerful, more energized and more at peace than anything in my life has been done for the last time.

And I cried.


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