Do you have an ALG?

Do you have an ALG?

Update with a ***Warning*** This entry mentions a song that many parents will recognize and just possibly leave here with it on your mind. Procede at your own risk. (Is that better, Allison?)

I have had a song stuck in my head for weeks.

Yes, weeks.

And it always hits me at the same “place” everytime. Okay, wait, I know that didn’t seem to make sense, but it does makes sense. Let me explain what I mean by the same place.

What I mean is, I am going about my business, doing my thang, when I am in my room and without fail that song pops into my head when I am standing/walking/dancing in that same spot in the room. Every. Time. I have searched high and low to see if there is something triggering it. A picture. A book. Something. Can’t find it to save my life sanity. Just walking along, minding my business and BAM there that annoying song is jumping around in my head making my life a living hell.

In fact, I can be singing something totally different and then hit that area and SMACK there it is! Like running into a wall. Only it is more painful because I don’t just bounce off and say ouch. It stays with me.

Is there such a thing as a “song haunting”? Are there “Annoying Lyrics Ghosts” (ALG’s) whose only purpose in the spiritual realm is to go around and whisper lyrics to songs that will drive a person mad? Is that one particular spot in my room the designated space in the entire spirit world for my very own, personal ALG? If so, how do I rid myself of him? Do I need to get a priest? Do I need to summon the short little actress actress with the creepy voice from Poltergeist to come get rid of it? (See, I said summon. I know she is dead. Maybe that would give her more pull with my ALG.)

All I know is that I am really ready to move on and get rid of him. Don’t even suggest I give in to it. Uh-uh. No way. Forget it. Want to know why? The damn song is the theme song from Dragon Tales. Oh hell no am I going to allow this to continue.

Be gone you wretched ALG. BE gone!

Must. Resist. Dragon Tales Hell. Must. Resist.


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