Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Last night the testosterone laden people of the household (aka: the guys) went camping. The first time for just the 3 of them to go camping. They went with the Scouts. Can I just say that it was like a mini-vacation to just have the Little Diva to hang with?

I was a very good Mom. I taught her important things. This is what we did:

We painted our toenails. Complete with those little toe separator thingies. A pale pink. Nothing tacky for my girl.

We watched Chick Flicks together. I cried. She tore apart the toe separator thingies. But, she didn’t leave the room. That is one up on the boys.

We ate too much candy.

We stayed up too late playing.

We fell asleep cuddled together…happy, albeit a bit bloated but happy.

I am thinking of sending the men out of the house more often. It was fun having a girls night with my little girl.


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