Want to know what is wrong with making it all about you and spending a weekend doing nothing worthwhile?

You have to return to reality.

Can I call in tired and bored tomorrow?

Will someone write me a note? If not, I will post annoying song lyrics all day to torment you. *giggle*

So, to top off my weekend of all about me and nothingness, I am going to go get into jammies and read my book. (Finish it.)

Oh speaking of books….

(1) I am finishing up I Don’t Know How She Does It. I really liked it. Anyone have any suggestions for another one along that type? (YES, chick lit).


(2) I am way way way way way behind on my NaNoWriMo book writing. Anyone want to kick my butt into gear and help motivate or hold me accountable? I REALLY want to finish this. It is important to me. But I let life keep me busy and it gets left behind. Argh!

(See, even my Sunday post is boring. OHHH, but I have done a 100 things list. I will post it tomorrow.)


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