Look out Houston!

Look out Houston!

First. Wow! Your support for me over my entry yesterday was amazing. It meant so much to me. I had no idea that you all cared so much about the fact that I had gone (hypothetically) 17 years without farting in front of my man.

Okay, seriously, thanks for so many kind words about our predicament over having to move. My heart was breaking and I was feeling so alone, but with all of your sweet words and kindness, you really helped me. Thank you so much! Really.

So, we are off today. I have a friend and her husband staying in our house while we are gone. (You know, take a newly married couple in a tiny apartment and tell them they can have a house for a few days and it just makes them giddy with happiness! Especially since I am taking the kids with me.) Hopefully, the won’t trash the place while we are gone. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we have a cop for a neighbor.

So Houston bloggers…I am ready to get together. I am going to leave the details to Miss Natalie. I am going to call her to let her know when is best to get together. If you have a time that works best for you on Friday or Saturday, let her know. I am thinking Friday would work best for me though. But I am flexible. See you later!

I am still going to try to post while away. But if I can’t, feel free to jump in with a comment letting me know you want to make a guest post. I am game for that.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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