Me day becomes We day

Me day becomes We day

It seems I am catching the cold that is going around the country. I have managed to miss it for the most part although both Geek Man and Kidlet Sr have it. So, I decided to take a personal day. A Me day. I am dragging and feel like my head is made of lead and my body has been hit by a truck. So, today is my down day. Take it easy day. You know the drill.

Little Diva doesn’t.

So far today I have played with Barbie until frankly, I want to rip her little arms off and beat her with them. (The Barbie’s’ arms, not Little Divas. Sicko.) I have put together approximately 753 puzzles since this morning. I have watched Clifford, Dora and The Wiggles as well. We have colored pictures, cut paper and just glued stuff. No real reason to glue. Just the fun of glue.

Oh yeah, and I got to clean up spilled coffee from a pink sweatshirt. So far, it hasn’t come out. It was my favorite shirt. Ah well, I’ll just clean in it if it doesn’t come out.

So, no “me” day. But this is much more fun! Gotta run. THe Boss is calling. It seems that it is time to randomly color things in a coloring book that she insists should never have any of the white part of the page showing. Ever.


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