MY week…mine mine mine

MY week…mine mine mine

Well, it is Monday. The first day of my birthday week.

Yes, I said week.

Oh sure, everyone has a birthday. But me, I like to have the whole week be all about me.

Okay, you didn’t really think I was that arrogant did you. (You in the back who said yes…You may leave now.)

Actually, coincidence has it that I have a couple of fun things planned for the week that just so happen to occur the same week as my birthday. But hey, I prefer to think of it as all about me! Wouldn’t you?

But, if you really want to, you can mark your calendars for Friday, the 7th. That is day that we shall here on out refer to as The Day The World Was Blessed With Me (And The Future Of Coffee Consumption Was Forever Changed).

….Okay, bring back the guy who said I was arrogant. I guess he was justified in thinking that with this entry.


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