NaNoWriMo BlahBlogBling

NaNoWriMo BlahBlogBling

I just wanted to thank those of you who really encouraged me to just get going on this writing! Can I just say how very much I am loving it?!

I am up to about 4,000 words. (Not too bad considering I already took a day off.)

The thing that amazes me with this whole thing is that I honestly don’t know where things are going to go. I mean, I have an idea where I want it to end up, but once I stopped trying to make it happen, it just happened.

The story is leading me rather than me leading it. I am LOVING it! I mean, I feel such a deep contentment when I am writing it.

Wanna hear a secret? Don’t laugh. Promise? Okay.

Well, when I go to write, I will fix a cup of coffee first, get all comfortable with my laptop and relax. The strange part (you can tell me if this is really bizarre, too), I feel like I am sitting down having coffee with old friends. I mean, I really am starting to like my characters as if they are becoming friends that I am getting to know better everyday.

Now wait, before you call the guys with the straight jackets, I am not losing my mind and thinking they are real or anything. It is sort of how it is when you read a novel you enjoy and you feel like you “know” the characters after a while and look forward to reading about them and seeing what happens. Or on your favorite tv show or in your favorite movie. It is sort of like that. Except, even the writer doesn’t know where they will go.

I am not sure if any of that makes sense. Just wanted to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying this experience and am so thankful for your support!



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