Ohhh Cinderella!

Ohhh Cinderella!

So apparently the story goes something like this.

There is this chick named Cinderella. She lives with her step-mother and her ugly step-sisters. In this life, she lives a life where she has to cook, clean and take care of people who are more than capable of taking care of themselves. They just assume that she will always keep the palace together.

Then, one day an invitation to a huge party comes to the house. Well, seeing as Cinderella has so much to do, the others refuse to let her go. I mean, things have to be done right? Well, *poof* appears her fairy godmother. She gives her a rad new dress and some really bitchin’ shoes. Granted, her vehicle smells a bit like a pumpkin, but she gets to go out. At this party, she meets the man of her dreams. Although, she must leave early. (Midnight is late to stay up for one who has a whole palace to take care of.) So off she runs. Since there is little need for high heels while doing the drudge work at home, she is unused to them. Therefore, she loses one. (We’re hoping they were not Manola Blahniks)

Fast forward. Her prince searches her out by using her missing shoe and getting every female to try it on. Let’s face it gals, you’d probably try to squeeze your foot into a size too small if it meant a free pair of Manolas, right?

We all know he finds her. He whisks her off her feet and marries her in a blur of romantic bliss. He saves her from her life of servitude to others. He offers her a new life.

Or does he?

I want to get Cinderella on the phone.

I want to know how things changed for her. I mean really. My guess is the Manola’s were the last pair of new designer shoes she had. Most likely, as soon as she got back from her honeymoon, she began to become more housewife-ish. After a few years, she probably had a few kids. We all know that designer gowns and spikes heels are not the thing to wear when pacing the floors with a screaming baby. Does she still clean her own palace? I mean, come on, have you priced housekeepers these days? And if she really did clean as much as we were led to believe, no one could probably do a good enough job anyway.

My guess is she is still taking care of people who are more than capable of taking care of themselves. My guess is her clothes are casual now. Fashionable, sure. But casual. My guess is that she doesn’t go out to many fancy balls. Childcare isn’t free, you know. It is hard to get someone to babysit for so many royal heirs. They can be so demanding! My guess is that her prince probably watches sports for most of the weekend, burps after a good meal and probably forgets to put the lid down on the toilet seat.

My guess is also that she really did find her Prince Charming and lived happily ever after.

But that is only my guess. For her sake, I hope so. It’s worked for me!


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