Have you ever stayed still enough to follow your own train of thought. Just paying attention to the bizarre places your mind might take you? I was doing that today when I was trying to calm myself. Let me tell you something. My brain is weird.

Want to take a trip with me? It went something like this:

Okay. You will relax. Relax. Relax. What a dumbass word. How can any word with and “x” in it calm you. The very sound of the letter is annoying enough to keep you from relaxing. Try calm.

Calm. Calm. Calmmmmmm. Oh great. Now I sounds like a freak who is saying Ohhmmmmm. Pretty freaky how it vibrates your whole head. Ohhhmmmmmmmmm. *giggle* ohhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *giggle*

Wait. No giggling in meditaion. Try again. Focus Jenn.

Jenn. Why do I talk to myself and use my name. I mean, who would I be talking to inside my own head. It’s not like I have more than one personality. That I know of. Strange. What if I did, but didn’t know it? And there my brain just says Jenn to ensure I know who I am talking to. Nah. Too out there. Focus.

“I am stuck on Band-Aid cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me. I am Stuck on Band Aid Brand cuz band aids stuck on me.” Do they even sing that anymore? When was the last time I heard that song anyway? Think think think? When? I dunno. Why do jingles from childhood pop into your mind when you are least expecting it. At least it wasn’t that annoying one. Oh how did that go?? No. Think of something else. No jingles. No jingles.

I wonder how long I have to do this before I am considered relaxed. Ugh there is that word again. I mean calm.

*rrriinnnnnnnnng* (phone call interuptus)

So, that was my big attempt to chill out. There is a glimpse into my mind. Scary, huh.

Tell me you do this too. Don’t you? Someone? Well, if you didn’t before, you will now. Trust me. If for no other reason than you will think of me telling you that you will and BLAM your mind is off to tangentville. Buckle up!


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