Tresses Stresses

Tresses Stresses

I have finally decided to go get my hair cut. It needs it so badly, but I just hate the committment of a hair cut. I mean, really, it is a long term thing. Oh sure, it will grow out. And sure, you can wear a hat or pull it back. But, I am not paying a lot of money so that I can pull my hair back or wear a hat or live for the day it grows out.

So, I am nervous. I am secretly hoping that my hairstylist is in a tired mood and not talkative. I am just not in the mood to chat it up. I want to just get my hair cut and be on my way.

Doesn’t that sound bitchy? I am not mean. Honest. I have just had a long day and don’t feel much like doing the whole polite conversation thing. I have been going to this lady for years. I mean, I could just say “Hey, [insert name here], I just don’t feel like talking today, so let’s not. ‘k?” But as anyone who knows me can tell you, I would never do that. I would smile and talk and leave irritated, but with a great cut.

My motto…never piss off the person who has scissors and your hair in their control. So far, it has worked for me. No intention of changing that now.


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