ABC Rhymes

ABC Rhymes

ABC rhyming is one of my favorite things to do but it is even better when it is done with friends.

*ahem* that’s all ya’all*

What is ABC Rhyming you ask? Well first I hoisted the idea from my blogging friend, Townie who has some of the best blogging ideas in – uh…welll..Town.

*no pun intended*

Here’s what you do. I’ll start with the letters A & B and build them into a two line rhyme. Then it is your turn to take the next two letters and build them into a rhyme and so on and so on until we get to the letter Z.

CLICK HERE for an example.

Dust off your thinking caps and tell me about YOUR week in this ABC Rhyme!!

A is for Aloof – my mood for the week.
B is for Boy that kisseth my cheek.

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