Buy your tickets now!

Buy your tickets now!

Did I ever mention how good Santa was to my kidlets this year? No? Well, he was.

Kidlet Sr. got something he has wanted for quite a while now. An electric guitar. Complete with an amp. (Much to our surprise!)

And Kidlet Jr.? He got a really nice keyboard. (Much to our surprise, again.)

In fact, included in this merry instrument stash was also a set of electric drums. Thankfully, those were small.

Keeping with this theme, Little Diva got a Barbie Karaoke microphone.

Oh, yeah baby, we are going to rock this joint.

I’m thinking of painting the Mom Mobile with daisy flowers and peace signs and we are going to become the Partridge Family of the 21st Century.

Ummm, about that whole mom being a lead singer thing, though. I think not. I have found my role, though. I will be playing the “Sharon Osbourne-ish” role. Yep, that will be me. I will cuss at my kids using the most bleepishly obscure words I can find, use threats and vulgarity to get them gigs and even let Clint think he is the real leader of the band. Can you see it now?

The Singing Javas.

We’re SO going to be big!


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