Calgon Jose Cuervo take me away!

Calgon Jose Cuervo take me away!

Yep! Every one of my kidlets are sick.

Kidlet Sr. 100.2 temperature (down from 105.4)
Kidlet Jr.- 101.5 temperature
Little Diva- 102.2 temperature
Mommy- getting drunk

Okay, the getting drunk part isn’t happening (yet), but I am worn out.

I have a feeling that my dear husband will be slightly irritated at the condition of the house when he gets home. Let’s just say 3 sick kids, 1 exhausted mommy and a house that is overrun with “whatever will keep them occupied” makes for a pretty messy house today. I am really hoping he doesn’t do that “What did you do all day” thing because, really, I am too tired to hurt him today. However, when I found this picture from a link at Melissa’s site, I cracked up. It was too good to resist!


(No husband was actually hurt in the making of this entry.)


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