Defrosting at home

Defrosting at home

So, I survived the parade. Did I mention it was a small parade? I SO lied. It was a 2 hour parade! Yes, big city parades are easily that long. This is not the big city. This is a suburb. But, it was fun overall. Okay, fun for the first hour. Enjoyable the next half an hour. Excruciatingly long the last half hour. But, hey, I got about 20 mardi gras beads! NO! I didn’t earn them that way! Little Diva would just wave and smile and they would always throw candy or beads or whatever they had her way. (I am not above using her cuteness for free stuff at the parade. They love the kidlets getting into the spirit of the parade.)

She was over it after about an hour. She had to endure 2 hours.

Sidenote: For all of you who live in the Northern part of the country (or anywhere it gets cold a lot), you have my respect. Living in Texas just short of forever does not prepare you for the cold. Nope. Nuh-uh. I had so many layers on I looked like the Michelin Man. Poor Little Diva could barely move. (In all honesty, she looked pretty funny and it was downright adorable watching her try to bend over to pick up candy and beads the parade participants threw.)

So now, it is time for me to put on my warm, cozy sweat pants. Brew some coffee. Put on some Christmas music (or a Christmas video) and begin decorating the house. Ahhhhh, the frozen nose and numb butt are all but forgotten now that I am warm at home.

And, yes, I can feel my butt now. Thank you for asking.


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