Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

I have been having some very bizarre dreams lately. (Okay. I have bizarre dreams all the time, but this are different from my normal bizarre.) These dreams are staying with me more than normal.

Would you like the disturbing one or the good one? Oh, I see you are a voyeur of the bizarre. (Welcome Google freaks. Not that kind of voyeur and not that kind of bizarre. Move along.)

So, in the weirdest one, I dreamed we moved. (Subconscious at play here?) But, the house was incredible. I fell in love with it. It was tiny, but adorable. The two rooms I remember the most are the bathroom and the bedroom. I was exploring the bathroom first. I remember trying to open this little window above the door. It was like a window then behind it another window. Very weird. I managed to remove the first window, but I never got the second one open. Off of the bedroom was this French door leading outside. So, I just opened the door to this cute little patio garden off of the master bedroom. The porch was wide open to this fenced in little garden/patio. It was bright and green with flowers and a big tree in the middle. Part of the garden had a lot of weeds and ugly weed-like flowers. I remember I could hear the birds singing so beautifully. But when I opened the door, there were two dead birds. One right at my feet and one in the tree with it’s mouth still open eating seeds. My mind labeled them mockingbirds, but I have no idea what kind of bird they really were. One of them looked like a loon. (Don’t go for the easy by saying I am a loon, mmmkay?) I remember that the house was very dark in color (maroon and hunter green), but it was so bright outside. The only other family member in the dream was the Little Diva. She was asleep in my bed. I don’t remember a whole lot more other than those 2 dead birds. Those I see so vividly. *shudder*

SO, if you are into dream analysis, don’t tell me what horrible things that meant. I am going to pretend it means I have guilt over Thanksgiving turkeys, thankyouverymuch.

The other dream last night, was much better. I just remember feeling so comfortable. So at peace. So very safe. It was a calm and safe I haven’t felt in a long time. I don’t know where the house was, whose house it was or why I was there. I just knew that I felt protected and loved and cozy. There was someone there that loved me very much that was comforting me and making me feel secure. Someone from my past that wanted to hold me there safe. (Grandparent maybe? I have no idea. It was a family kind of love though, not a romantic type. The kind you feel from an older person that protects you.) I remember getting so upset when I heard my alarm go off while I was dreaming. I knew it was my alarm and I had to wake up and leave. The person there was trying to tell me it was okay to sleep through it. That I wouldn’t be late. That it was okay to stay there. But I woke up anyway. (Even though I tried not to.) The alarm had been going off for 10 minutes. I woke up so sad that I couldn’t stay in the safe place.

(Don’t really need dream analysis for that one! lol)

Both, however, effected me all day long. Yesterday I was disturbed. The vividness of the dream never left me. Today, I was sad. The vagueness never left me, but the memory of the intensity of the comfort lingered all day. It made me sad. I got very little accomplished today. I really do hate it when my dreams linger into the day. (As they usually do.)

So, how weird do you think I am. I mean, I left out a lot of detail as to not frighten anyone. (Mainly my husband. My dreams really freak him out when I tell him about them in detail. Let’s just say that if you watch Alias and you saw her dream of the tube in her gut…not out of the ordinary in my dream world. For that matter, neither were the induced dreams either.) So, anyway, this is what keeps my mind busy in my sleep. No wonder I am tired when I am awake!

Do you remember your dreams? In detail? My husband never remembers his. He thinks it’s strange that I not only remember, but that I can give you any detail down to the pattern on a bedspread if you asked. What about you?

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