Feeling sexy *achoooo*

Feeling sexy *achoooo*

This morning in my inbox I found today’s horoscope “made especially for me”. It read:

“Dear JENN,
Today you are likely to be looking especially beautiful and sexy, JENN, and are likely to be feeling particularly passionate. Communication with romantic partners, however, is likely to be blocked. Don’t feel rejected. You’ll be in the same space tomorrow, and you could get lucky then! (Did you hear that baby, I’m gonna get lucky!) Your interest in the arts is also high. Channel some of that passion into learning about them. It may not be the same, but it should do for now!”

Now why did this crack me up? Let me paint you a visual here.

I am sitting here in what can only be described as a Nyquil induced, hangover fog. My nose is red and running as if someone has turned on some hidden faucet deep within my sinuses. My head is pounding like I have a drumcorp warming up in there. I have those oh-so-lovely puffy red eyes that come with sneezing too much, complete with the dark circles underneath them to accent their beauty. Seeing the condition of my eyes, my contacts rebelled and refused to go in there, so I am instead, wearing my glasses. My lovely attire rounds out this sexy picture. I sit here in a pair of men’s old baggy sweat pants and a grey sweatshirt that is about 6 years old (and it shows).

So, yeah, I am SO (wait, let me get the wording just right) “looking especially beautiful and sexy” and “feeling particularly passionate”. You know it baby! Oh yeah! I am guessing the whole “Communication with romantic partners… is likely to be blocked” because either he can’t understand me through my stuffed up nose or (and more likely) I am scaring the hell out of him.

You just gotta love it when those horrorscopes are right on, don’t you!


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