Hmmmm…still no Jenn…

Hmmmm…still no Jenn…

Well then I say we play some more games!

I admit that I loathe Christmas and every Christmas song there is but I want to steal an idea I got when I was skipping through stations this morning and heard that holiday favorite, The 12 Days of Christmas.

I want to play the 12 Days of Life.

Here’s how this works. List out what you want 1-12. Whatever you list for #1 you want one of, what you list for #2 you want two of and so on. These can be tangible things like bags of money or intangible like peace and harmony. It is up to you.

Want to see what I would want over the course of any 12 days in the year?

1 Pair of Doc Martins

2 Extra hours of sleep each morning

3 People to tend to my yard, house and errands

4 Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes (you really can not ever have too many of these)

5 Random acts of kindness to give and receive

6 New hair clips since I am forever losing them

7 Billion dollars to spend on Aveda stuff. mmm…aveda…

8 New books to read

9 Packs of Office Max Gel Pens. Where the hell do they disappear to?!?!?

10 Hours for an all night girls night

11 Days at my favorite peaceful retreat

12 New ideas for Paying it Forward. (A girl can only shop so many Amazon Wishlists yaknow).

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