It was a dark and rainy night…

It was a dark and rainy night…

Well, we finally made it home! What a drive! There are two things that make driving a nightmare for me. Driving in the dark. (Yeah, that night-blind thing makes it tough to drive at night.) And driving in the rain. (Oh yes, that is enough to make my heart leap right out of my chest onto my white knuckled hands tightly gripping the steering wheel.)

What do you think we had 2/3 of the drive home? If you guessed rain in the dark, you would be correct, my friend. What a fun scientific experiment that would be to monitor my blood pressure during that drive!

My blood pressure spiked up to “Oh no! She is going to stroke-out if she gets any more stressed” during the rain. Then the rain would stop just long enough for me to get to the nice relaxation level of “Goodness, she is stressed out! Is she trying to pass a bowling ball?” Once I achieved that sort of calm, it would start raining hard again.

Oh yes, we had quite a fun time!

I have a lot to say since I have been so scarce lately (and we all know what a blabber mouth I can be!), but my fingers literally hurt from gripping the wheel so tight and my neck is a mess of tight nerves and strained muscles. It sounds like it is time to take a muscle relaxant and curl up in bed with a new book.


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