I’ve been de-linky-loved!

I’ve been de-linky-loved!

I got my first de-linking. I am crushed. LOL

Actually, I was reading somewhere else how pissed off they got when they got de-linked. Isn’t that just a bit too much pressure to put on Blogrolling? On the people whose blogrolling list could easily be 1000 blogs long?

I still haven’t figured out how to have it cycle through my list, but I am working on that. I just hate to have someone have to go through 500 blogs on my list. Okay, truth is, I would go crazy trying to keep it up. I read so many!

So, I have recently found a lot of blogs that I like reading. But I haven’t added them. Why? The neverending bloglist. How do you handle it?

Anyway, I was curious as to why the de-linky-lack-o-love, but a cup of coffee cured me. *grin*

So what would you rather see…a short list of reads or a list that covers most of the best ones I have found? Your call, my friends!


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