Lava lamp victories

Lava lamp victories

Last night we went to our friends’ house. (They are one of those great “couple” friends. They have 2 kids the same ages as the boys. They have similar interests as we do. And their parenting style is very similar to ours. We get along great! They are moving. *sigh* ) So anyway, she called earlier in the day to ask if we wanted to go over to play “games”. There was a time when that would’ve sent me into a serious case of “oh hell no” and into hiding. I really used to hate getting together in a group and playing board games/card games/ any games. I avoided it at all costs. I would love to explain why, but I have no idea. All I know is that I was not above faking sick, blaming it on the kids or just starting a huge fight with my husband to avoid going. Not anymore. Now, I love it. (Is this a sign of getting older? More boring? Or just realizing that there is nothing so terrible about making a fool of yourself and having fun?)

So back to the gaming. Let me just admit up front. Trivial Pursuit + Jenn = Disaster. I suck. I freeze up and cannot remember anything. However, give me anything Pop Culture and I suddenly realize that I have a plethora of useless fact stored in my brain that, frankly, serve no purpose in life other than to be handy for a game like this: Trivial Pursuit- Pop Culture Edition. I knew it was going to be fun when I saw the game pieces. A lava lamp. A cell phone. A cassette tape (complete with the labels Awesome Mix and Make Out Tunes). And an old Atari joy stick. I think the lucky lava lamp helped. I won. I actually won Trivial Pursuit.

You just don’t understand. That is like a miracle in my book. Did I make those annoying “I won. It’s my birthday” song and dances when I did this? Nah. But I did giggle. That was worse.

I highly recommend getting this game if you too have a wealth of useless-unless-you-are-playing-a-game-like-this knowledge. Oh, and another fun Pop Culture game I have an love: Pop Smarts. Oh yeah, I can beat you at that too! Hmmm, maybe I should challenge Emily. I hear she sold her soul to Parker Brothers.

What about you? Do you have a favorite board game? Do tell! I love hearing about the new ones!


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