Not me, said the blogger

Not me, said the blogger

I hate reality shows. (No, I don’t.) I mean, I would never stoop to watching them. (I am SO lying.) And if I did ever catch one, you absoposifreakinlutely wouldn’t see me blog about it. (Yes, like this one.)

And if by chance I did blog about it, I would be not be so cynical as to criticize it. (Oh, I SO would!)

(Do you feel a spoiler coming? Here it comes. You’re warned.)

Okay, so raise your hand if you are surprised that the Beautiful Girl on Average Joe picked the Hot Guy and not the Average Joe. No, no, it’s okay if you never watched the show. I never have either. (No, really. I picked it up at the fat suit show. Yes, I did. I did too!) I know you have see the promos. Everyone has seen the promos. I am pretty sure that even those without television have somehow seen the promos.

What? NO hands raised. I am shocked. (No, I’m not.)

Good thing I would never enjoy, watch or blog about such idiotic things such as these. Oh nuh-uh. Not me.

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