Post delirium deliousness

Post delirium deliousness

Unless this is some fever induced alternate reality, I think I just may be up and blogging. (Speaking of fever induced realities, remind me to tell you about how I saw Geoffrey the Toys R Us giraffe in my bedroom and then how I cheered him on in a race. I mean, I had to cheer for the guy. He is the one with all the toys, you know. No really. This is the life I have led the past few days.

And thenthere was the dream I had where Buzz, and Pat, and Kathy Howe and Natalie and Busy Mom and I all went to IHOP for breakfast because the train ride was really long on the way back from Egypt. Yeah. It was like that. Try being my husband and having to pretend that I haven’t lost my mind. No really, it is his reality to deal with these things. But you are getting me sidetracked….)

My fever is finally below 102 and I am feeling (more) human. Yes, folks, I am going to be back to torment your life with my babble-assing.

But since I (think) I am somewhat capable of rational (to me) thought, I wanted to give a big thank you to Kathy Howe for her two day stint as my guest blogger. (This is where you should stand up and applaud her. Yes, you, too. No Kathy, you can sit down. This is for you.) She even came over today and helped out without having to be asked. What a great lady this one is. Yay for Kathy Howe! And another big thank you to Charlie for his wonderful caffeinated post yesterday. (I know you just stood up, but you can stand up again. Afterall, he did keep you entertained while I was hacking up a lung. Charlie, sit down. I know you are experimenting with nude blogging. Just stay seated, okay. This is not an x-rated blog. Thanks.)

Thank you all, my wonderful readers! All (three) of you made them feel right at home. I appreciate you being nice to them. Now that the guests are gone, you can feel free to prop your feet up, loosen those pants and get comfy again.

I will be back to make your life a living hell joyride later. For now, Nyquil calls my name. Who knows, maybe Geoffrey will win the race tonight!


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