Sick boy

Kidlet Sr. has the flu. I think. Yesterday, I picked him up from school early because he just wasn’t feeling like himself. No fever, but just not “right”. Last night, before bed, his temperature was up to 104. He is miserable. I am caught between wanting to find a little bubble to keep him in so that no one else gets it and wanting to let him just sleep on the couch with the rest of us since he just wants to be with me. (He may act tough and strong and try to assert his independence when he is well, but when he gets sick, he is still mommy’s little boy. Don’t tell him I said that.)

So for today, it is all about trying to get him well. Tomorrow is his brother’s birthday party and both boys are really looking forward to it. I would SO hate to make him miss it because he is sick. Ugh. Fingers crossed he loses the fever by tomorrow.


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