thanks and stuff

thanks and stuff

You see, I had this really awesome entry. It was filled with the right mix of humor and insight. It was full of wit and wisdom. Your life would’ve been changed and blessed for all of eternity had you read it. But MT decided it was so good, that it devoured the entry itself. To be no more. Bummer, huh. One cannot be so brilliant twice in the same day, so you are stuck with this one.

There is just something about being back home after a week of suffering enjoying the company of your family that just sucks my very will to do anything productive. The most effort I have exerted today has been going out to get another log for the fire. I have done this 4 times. I am going to consider it my exercise for the day. (Hey! It involved both lifting and walking. That should count for something!) I tried to convince my family that I deserved a nap, but the consensus was that my strenuous day was not nap-worthy.

I did want to come here, though to thank all of you for your sweet holiday wishes! I really do appreciate them. I love to read your comments! I love hearing your opinions, reading about your thoughts, getting your support and even learning new things about you. (For the record. I find most of my new blogs from reading comments. Just so you know!) Anyway, thanks for your wonderful good wishes. Y’all rock!

I wanted to give a special shout out to Uncle Buzz who sent Little Diva a really neat CD full of fun Christmas songs. We got it just before we drove down to Houston. It made the drive a lot more fun. We sang the songs at the top of our lungs. (Okay, well, I sang and Little Diva did her best 2 year old screech to the music renditions. It was quite entertaining. However, Kidlet Jr. was not of the same frame of mind as we were and eagerly (too eagerly I might add) jumped ship at the first pee break and rode the rest of the way with his dad and brother. Traitor!) Anyway, thanks a lot Buzz. We really enjoyed the fun tunes! You’re a rockin’ blog-uncle!

But wait! It doesn’t stop there. Oh no, it does not!

When I finally get home, guess what was waiting for me? Did you guess?


One can never have enough presents. You know how that after Christmas excitement can be a let down? Well, not for me! Natalie paid it forward by buying this off of my wishlist! The timing was great. Here I am after the holidays whining about not having wishing I had a good book. And there one is on my doorstep waiting for me. (One thing you should know. I always get a lot of books for Christmas. This year…none. Nada. As in nada darn one. Why? Well, my family is weird. If you write out a list, they will buy for you. If you send them a list online, they won’t buy off of it. Nope. Why? How should I know? I think it is totally bizarre! So, I really was sad to not get even one new book when I just knew I would. Nat, saves the day!)

I suppose this means you can wear the title of PTA mom of the month for December since you bought so many teacher gifts, went on a field trip, volunteered at the school and still found time to peruse my wishlist and find just the perfect book for me while I just sat around the infirmary being all sick and stuff! (But just you wait. January is just days away and I am aiming to get my title back!) Thanks again, Natalie.

So, you know what this means, don’t you? It means I am going to be cruising your wishlists to pay it forward to one of you! Have you updated your list? I am just so excited to peruse your lists and find one of you on my blogroll your gift! Make sure you are updated! (And make sure I know you have a blog if you aren’t on my blogroll. I love finding and adding new blogs!) It could be you. (Not that creepy guy back there, though. He scares me. But maybe you, right there, reading this right now!

I am glad to be home. Of course, I would like to be able to find the energy to do more than lounge around on the couch. (Yeah right! Who am I kidding. I love that!)


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