the most boring entry ever!

I am supposed to be packing.
I am blogging.

I am supposed to be doing laundry.
I am blogging.

I am supposed to be wrapping presents.
I am blogging.

I think I am supposed to be watching the kids so that they don’t take over the house and destroy it and create some sort of disaster that the health department would not find amusing.
I am blogging.

The pathetic thing (yes, more pathetic than usual) is that I have nothing to blog about. Not.One.Damn.Thing.

Oh, except that I am going to be in Houston this week. Any of the Tiaras want to meet up for coffee or whatever? Let me know.

So, what is the acceptable time table that the flu is allowed to suck the life force out of you? I have the energy of a corpse today. And apparently the humor too. Sorry folks.

But hey, I blog to avoid the other crap. But apparently the laundry will not fold itself, the clothes will not pack themselves and the presents will not wrap themselves. Damn. I need myself a good wife to do these things for me.


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