Top Ten Signs You Caught It

Top Ten Signs You Caught It

Top Ten Signs You Probably Caught the Flu That You Were Trying So Hard to Avoid

10. You are wearing 2 t-shirts, a sweatshirt (Texas A&M, of course), warm-up pants, socks and slippers AND you are wrapped up in a double layer fleece blanket, and yet you shiver.

9. You are on a diet and have forgotten because you really don’t want to eat anyway.

8. You get confused when watching Nick Jr. with the kidlets. (You just can’t follow the story line!)

7. Your kidlet kisses you on the forehead and jumps back and says, “Ouch, Mom, that hurt.”

6. You don’t want any coffee. (*gasp*)

5. Taking a shower was the most exhausting thing you have done all day.

4. Your husband comes home for lunch and says, “Geez. You don’t look good at all.” and you could care less that he may have just insulted you.

3. When said husband leaves to go back to work on a job, you sit on the cold kitchen floor and cry.

2. They call you “sir” when you answer the phone.

1. You could care less about blogging. (*collective gasp*) And are currently begging someone or many someones if they would please guest blog for you so that your site doesn’t get all dusty and neglected and hit the “never gets updated” pile that so many webrings and blog lists have.

So, if anyone would be kind enough to step up and guest blog for me for tomorrow or so, I would be most appreciative. I am not above bribing you either. Just drop me a line or leave me a comment.


I am going to go see if I can find that lung that I coughed up earlier.


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