Up your nose with a rubber…shoe??

Up your nose with a rubber…shoe??

Oh the drama just never ends.

We just meticulously extracted a rubber doll shoe from Little Diva’s nose. Go ahead and laugh at the image. It’s okay. Even though she is the last of three children, she now holds the honor of the first of our children to shove some foreign object up her nose. (I think we will mount the shoe for a trophy to mark the occasion.)

I almost didn’t even know she had done it! She was in her brother’s room and she started to cry and sniff and calling me. She told me her nose hurt. I had no clue what was wrong. Then she was telling me her shoe hurt. (She is in her pj’s. No shoes.) After a while that light bulb turned on and I put “shoe” + “nose” together and looked. Lo and behold, glimmering from the depths of the tiny 2 year old nose was a tiny pink shoe. (If she had been playing with her “Barbie from da ‘hood”, this would never have happened. That shoe would never fit in anyone’s nose!)

Luckily, her daddy is much better at dealing with the extraction process. (I was willing to let the local e.r. deal with it, but he was calmer.) Flashlight? Check. Tweezers? Check. Pillow for under the neck? Check. Gag reflex on mom? Check. Little Diva never cried or flinched when Daddy removed the shoe. She did however tell me she didn’t want it back, thankyouverymuch.

Now tell me, what is it about a tiny rubber doll shoe that would cause a child to look at it and think to herself “Hmmm, now that looks like something I should shove up my nose. Yes. It is definitely something I should attempt. I bet it will fit.”? Where in her life experience did she see something that would cause her to want to attempt such a feat? I have no idea either.

Hopefully, the lesson has been learned. Although, it may explain where the socks missing from the dryer go. Hmmmm…..


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