What a day!

What a day!

What awesome people you are! I asked for someone to break it to my man that he was babysitting while I went shopping. More than a couple of you did that. Thanks ever so much!

Want to hear how it really went down today?

I slept in. I mean, I slept until 11:30am. Unheard of in a house with 3 kids. Then, I decided that I should probably get up and get dressed. So, since that wore me out, I went and planted myself on the couch. I did get up a few times. (A girl has to pee, you know.) Want to know who finished up the Christmas shopping while I busied myself with important things such as E! televisions biggest celebrity Oops and EW’s Top 100 Entertainers of 2003? (This is important research, I tell you. These are things I must know in order to move forward into 2004.)

You got it. He braved the Wal-Mart crowd (*shudder*) (I wonder if this seemed less frightening than being alone with 3 bored and restless kids??) AND he got groceries. He is also cooking dinner and baking cookies.

Man! I have the most awesome wife husband anyone could ask for.

I guess I better fold some laundry or something so that my day is not a complete waste.


The Year Without A Santa Clause is on? Right now?

Yeah. About that laundry…it’ll be there tomorrow.


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