Word of the day

Word of the day

Have you ever been so tired that you are thinking one thing and then say another? Not like “Oh you are such an idiot” but you meant to say “You are just so smart!” I am talking more about taking words that really don’t make any sense when put together, but your thoughts are so jumbled you just create a new word.

So here’s the scene. Last night I am sitting in the office with my Geek-Man. I am tired. (We did have to get up early to suffer enjoy the parade, you know.) The boys are gone, but I am waiting for Little Diva to finally fall asleep. My dear husband was surfing the net (perhaps with a purpose, but I wasn’t paying attention). I was pretty much commenting on every game on Amazon that I thought looked fun and generally taking him through my rather frightening interesting train of thought. (I will conceed that there could’ve been the slightest chance that perhaps it is possible that maybe I could’ve been a bit annoying. But that’s all I will admit to.) Then I realized I was doing this. So I apologized.

“I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean to be annoying. Just ignore me. I am babble-assing.”

Yes folks, the word of the day is: babble-assing.

Feel free to use it. I for one think it is a pretty good new word.


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