1+1+4= a sixsome?

1+1+4= a sixsome?

Seeing how the fact that I sleep with my legs wrapped around something other than my husband (and apparently that can be bothersome to a man…who knew?), I decided to make it up to him.

I told him that I knew it made him jealous and all and that I wanted to surprise him with a special treat. I asked if he would be interested in going to bed with me and 4 other women…at the same time. I promised that there would be sex and that at least one of the women would talk dirty (at the very least, the “f” word would be used.)

So, he got into the bedroom that night (which was pretty dark) and there we were…waiting for him.


He looked a little disappointed. Had a very strange look on his face. Mumbled something that sounded a bit like “tease” or something similar. Hmmmm, I don’t know what he was expecting. I had the DVD player all set up to watch season 5 of Sex and the City. Somehow, my invitation must’ve been vague. Not quite sure what he thought I meant.

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