5 (more) questions (for the last time)

5 (more) questions (for the last time)

In some fit of insantiy, I decided to give Charlie the opportunity to ask me 5 questions. Charlie? What was I thinking? I have to admit, he comes up with some pretty great questions (even if they are tough).

Oh, and for the record, Charlie, I was not threatening to take over your blog. When I am done, you will willingly and gladly hand over they keys, my friend. Muahahahaha

1) What if you could have invited any one person –real or fictional, living or dead (but let’s say that it has to be someone you’ve never met) — to one event that you’ve attended or been a part of in your lifetime. Who would you invite, what’s the special occasion, and why?

Since it has to be someone that I don’t know, I would have to say (in all fun) that I would invite Aerosmith (they are a group/unit/count as one) to my wedding reception. Can you imagine how much that party would ROCK?! Oh yes, Miss Manners would not be happy at all, but I would be loving my party.

IF I could invite someone that I do/did know to an event in my life, it would be to have my mother-in-law at the birth of Little Diva. Since she never got to meet her, I would love to be given the chance to have her there.

2) The bad news is that you’re about to lose a year off your life. The good news is that it’s a year that you’ve already lived, and you get to choose which one. So pick one full calendar year, and all memory and effects from it will be wiped from your memory, personality, and body. (Probably best not to pick an
early formative year, then — you might never have lost your baby teeth!) What year do you choose, and how does losing that year’s worth of you change you today?

Now this one is easy. I would lose the past year of my life. Why? Because I think it would make me less bitter. Not quite as hardened and angry. This last year was riddled with one bad thing after another. After going through that time and time again, I lost a lot of faith in things that I used to hold true. Those of you who have known me for years can attest to the fact that I have pulled within and withdrawn more than I ever have before. I don’t want to be that person. I would gladly give it all up if I could be who I was a year ago.

3) Let’s say you could become another person’s ‘inner voice’. You’d ‘hear’ their thoughts (but not their words or what’s happening around them), and could
project ideas to them, like a ‘conscience’. There’s no guarantee that the person would follow all of your suggestions (just like with a real conscience), but they would hear everything you wanted them to. Once established, this mental link would be broken only when you, or your ‘target’, dies. Would you agree to such an arrangement, and if so, who would you attempt to ‘guide’, and why?

I would never agree to such an arrangement! Oh sure, it would be fun to jack with someone like that for a while, but not long term. I have enough trouble trying to figure out what I should do, let alone what anyone else should do. NO.

Although, I am doing the next best thing as a nagging wife and bossy mom. In fact, how is that different, Charlie????

4) You’re on an exploration mission in deep space. There’s limited bandwidth, due to all the data you’re sending back and forth, but you’re allowed one short personal message. You can address it to one person, and it can be no longer than thirty characters. Because of the distance, it will take five years to
reach Earth, and five more for the reply to come back to you. So, what’s the message, to whom do you send it, and — for bonus points! — what’s the thirty
character or less reply that you _hope_ to receive ten years from now?

To my dear husband. “Did I turn off the iron?” I would probably hear back “You’ve never turned on an iron, dear.”

Seriously, though, if I were to be away from my family for that long, I am sure it would be something sappy to my husband like “I love & miss you. How are the kids?” I would love to hear back. “We’re fine & on our way to visit!” Whatever the exact message is, it would be to my husband for sure.

5) Many, many years from now, when you die, you’ll be allowed to appear as a ghost to one person, and one person only. You’ll have physical substance, your apparition will last only thirty seconds, and the person will be unable to hear you speak. Who do you ‘haunt’ (in a good or bad way), and how do you spend that thirty seconds?

Hmm, that is a TOUGH one. (Thanks eversomuch, Charlie!) I guess this depends on who goes before me, right? The obvious sweet answer is that I would appear to my husband to let him know I’m okay and love him. All the sappy stuff I can convey without words.

The sick twisted side of me would love to haunt my childhood rival. Just once. Just scare the beejeezus out of her in her old age. Make her think that she is so insane she has herself commited or heavily sedated. Yep, I would be one sick and twisted ghost for that 30 seconds. Revenge is a dish best served cold…or dead. Whatever. wink


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