bedtime confessions…

bedtime confessions…

I have a confession to make.

Something has come between my husband and me in bed. It is my fault. It was something I wanted to try and now, I am not willing to go without it. Oh sure, it has only been about a year that I have been addicted to it, but I must have it. It is not something my husband wants or understands. When I ask for it, he rolls his eyes and gives me a somewhat pathetic look. Usually it is followed by “Are you sure this is something you need? I’ve been sleeping with you for nearly 14 years and this is really not something that I enjoy in bed.”

I love my husband. I want to make him happy. I truly do. But there are some things a girl just has to have. I am addicted to this in bed and have no apologies.

Want to know what it is? Be sure you want to know. Because really. I will admit it is addictive in bed and just may cause “issues” with your significant other. You have been warned.


Yes, it is the dreaded body pillow.

What were you thinking? Puhleeez! You know better than to think you are going to find kinky smut talk here! Move along.

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