big fun at the bored home

big fun at the bored home

Today is the last day of the kids’ winter break. So, we’re doing something fun and exciting, right? Not so much. I am doing laundry. (Contain your enthusiasm.) The boys are roaming from various game consoles (gamecube, playstation, arcade machine) with a DVD movie interspersed in there, too. Oh yeah, big fun here!

There is a mild amount of guilt involved on my part for not doing anything at all fun or productive on their last day of their break, but not so much that I actually planned something. I am justifying it with “they need a day to rest and relax before school starts again”. (Yeah, because the past 3 weeks of one child or another being sick was not rest enough.) I am going to miss having them around. I know Little Diva is going to miss them a lot! *sigh* Why can’t I be one of the moms who is doing a happy dance at the bus stop ready to get rid of them. Wouldn’t that be easier?

Maybe I’ll take them to a movie at 5:00pm? I mean, it isn’t like I am going to deceive myself into believing these kids will actually go to bed early just because it is a school night. I am planning on being the mean, yelling mom well past 11:00pm when they are still talking and making noise.

God help the teachers tomorrow!

If you promise not to tell anyone, I am looking forward to getting back onto some kind of a routine. (A packrat, disorganized housewife cannot claim to crave routine. So, really, especially don’t tell him or I will have to actually do something around here.) We all do better around here with a routine. But I do so wish that the routine started closer to 10:00am rather than having to get up at the gawd-awful time of 5:30am. I haven’t seen 5:30 in 3 weeks (that is if we are not counting the zillion or so times I have been up with a sick kid again or still). I think a schedule will help me with my resolutions as well as the BIG work I have to do around the house before our big move (not so much wanting to talk about or face that one yet).

So, how did it go with those of you who have kids that started back today? How are the kids?

Okay, I admit it. This has been a boring, babble-assing post. Sorry. I am in a bored state of mind and pretty much babble-assing is all you get. Yeah, I know. This entry is so boobered!

Stay tuned later for deep in depth discussion about how I sorted my socks or which fabric softener really works and which seems to leave a softness film on your clothes. I know you are looking forward to that.


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