Blog it Forward IV

Blog it Forward IV

Well, the man has spoken. It is Blog It Forward IV Day. (And when Buzz speaks, we all would do well to listen. I’m just saying…)

I’m going to try to link to people I haven’t linked to before in my posts.

Thanks Susan of Red Grand Am for making the Blog it Forward Button (snagged from Buzz)!

I found Inspired Procrastination a little while back. Her comments here have totally cracked me up many, many times. (Which of course, send me to her blog right away to read her thoughts.) Have you started reading her yet? What are you waiting for? Get over there! Wait! After you finish reading my entry!

One of my old standard favorite blogs is Dinky. Well, I have been reading him for a while, so I call him Dinky. He is actually Dinky Chickenshorts. (He probably got beaten up on the playground alot for that. What can you say?) Go read him and get to know him too. You’ll be glad you did.

Remember when you were new to the blogging world? Remember when you wondered how people got so many hits in one day and just getting more than your friends or significant other reading your blog was a big deal. Well, go on over to see Erin at Chix Mix and give her some new blogger lovin’. She is so brand new, you can still read her entire blog in one sitting…and really enjoy it! You may have heard of her husband’s blog too. You can hi to him too and that will count as my double linky-love for the day. (Or as Buzz would say, for the love of PeteBeck, go say hi!)


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