Date night

Date night

I’ve got a date tonight! I’ve got a date tonight! I’m not sure that I am getting the enthusiasm down right. Just picture me leaping up onto my desk and doing one helluva booty shake as I sing-song the sentence. Ready?

I’ve got a date tonight! I’ve got a date tonight!

Oh sure, those of you who still know Friday and/or Saturday as “date night” may not fully understand my enthusiasm. But those who only have a vague recollection of a date will share in my joy.

Oh sure, my man and I used to date a lot. Then we had a kid. Then we dated less. Then we had another kid. Then we rarely dated. Then we had yet one more kidlet. Now, well, we consider Sonic with all 3 kids in the car with us a date. Pathetic, I know.

But tonight….ahhhh, tonight. We will be going out alone. Well, alone together. No kids. No drive through dinners. No kid movies. None of that. A real restaraunt. With real tables. Maybe a real movie. With real adults.

I am so excited to go out with my boyfriend I can hardly stand it.

I must go primp!


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