Fire up this pony and let’s ride!

Fire up this pony and let’s ride!

It appears that Buddha is lusting after MY car.

(Okay, so it isn’t really my car. But ohhhh a girl can dream!)

Is this not sweeeeeet?!

I can see it now:

I rip into the car pool line (okay, more like file in like cattle because you really don’t want to face the wrath of the crossing guard, but still…) and I whip off my Oakley’s (okay, I really just have those cheap sunglasses I got on a road trip at a Texxaco, but still…) and beckon my perfect kids to my perfect car. My clean, well mannered kids will hop into the Mustang (okay, well, it will probably be more like cram themselves into the back seat gasping for air since they barely have room to breathe in and out, but still…). Off we will roar to our next fun road trip adventure (okay, it will probably just be the grocery store, but still…)

Yeah, my life is SO going to rock when I get that car!


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