Gooooood Morning

Gooooood Morning

Ahhhh, nothing says “Good morning” like stumbling out of bed in the dark, tripping on a monitor cord (trying oh-so-hard not to wake your still sleeping spouse) blindly searching for some clothes and not really caring if they match, just that they cover things so as to not frighten the young children.

Then, smelling the nectar of the gods brewing in the kitchen, finding your way down the hall stepping on not one, but two hot wheels and a Barbie shoe. (Don’t go telling me that I “should have a clutterless house and this won’t happen”. We don’t want to go there.) For the record, one can cuss quite effectively under one’s breath when necessary.

Then, ahhhhh, you have reached your life-force. The coffee sits there steaming and ready to give you life. You pour. A slight giggle escapes. You don’t care. You are in paradise. You’ve achieved that moment that comes but once a day…your first cup of coffee.

Yep, paradise, I tell you. It is such a good morning in this house, today.


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