Great date. Bad tummy.

Great date. Bad tummy.

For those who were wondering (or care), our date last night was wonderful. Ahhh, the bliss of a few hours alone where no one was whining, fighting or crying. (I really behaved myself!)

We had a great dinner! But, let me give you a little helpful advice. If you have been eating really healthy food for over a week and decide to go with a craving when you go out…Don’t! I decided to eat something heavier than my stomach was used to and paid the price (even though I had a small portion). My stomach hurt all night long.

See, this healthy eating thing is crap. My body was pissed off at me! It remembers the good stuff. The chocolate. The food that actually had more than mere double digit calories. And it was cranky as hell that I teased it with the good stuff for just one meal. To pay me back, it decided to just get all angy and tense and hold on tight to that food. Yeah, loses some of the romantic mood when you end up moaning out of context. “Nooooo, don’t touch meeeee. My stomach hurrrrrtsssss!”

Other than the pissed off tummy, the night was wonderful! What a great guy I have. Mine Mine All Mine!


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