Happy Annivirthday to meeeee!

How could I almost forget? Today is an anniversary of sorts. Kind of. (Or is it a birthday?) Or really, does it even count? Well, I guess it does if you want to talk about half years or 6-months. Anniversaries and/or birthdays are more yearly things.

Darn nevermind.

I was going to say that today is this blog’s 6 month annivirthday. (Today’s word of the day, my friends is annivirthday. That delightful combination of an anniversary and a birthday.)

Hey! It’s my blog and I’ll celebrate if I want to! Remembering when….

Happy annivirthday to me!
Happy annivirthday to me!
Happy annivirthday to Java Diva!
Happy annivirthday to me!



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